Board Members

The Dublin Women’s Club is a non-profit organization promoting education and charitable causes.  DWC seeks to bring about civic betterment and provide opportunities for women to connect with other women.


2013-2014 Executive Board Members

  • Acting President, Trustees –
          • Chris Saneholtz (Past President)
          • Vasudha Saxena (Past Treasurer)
          • Natalie Romano (Past President)
  • Vice President, Amy Weeks
  • Vice President, Shelly Menduni
  • Secretary, Colleen Walsh
  • Treasurer, Moira Bauman
  • Assistant Treasurer, Heather Link
  • Trustee, Chris Saneholtz
  • Trustee, Vasudha Saxena
  • Trustee, Natalie Romano
  • Advisor, Bev Goldie (Past President)
Standing Committees
Acting Presidents
  • Membership, Pam Stein, Mindy Kundtz
  • Historian, **
  • Historian, Nancy Lambert – Special Events Photographer
  • Ombusdwoman, Marlen Mathias
  • Sponsorship, Natalie Romano
Meeting Logistics
 Vice Presidents
  • Childcare, Lori Grant
  • Interest Groups, **
  • Refreshments, Marian Vordermark
     Community Communications
Vice Presidents
  • Publicity/Meeting Announcements, Lori Grant
  • Dublin Foundation, Marlen Mathias
  • Tour of Homes, Carol Amado
  • Style Show, Shelly Menduni


  Member Communications
  • Newsletter, Colleen Walsh
  • Properties, Tony Bonasso
  • Website/Email Coordinator, Vasudha Saxena
 Financial Assistance Committee
  • Charter Member Grants, Sharon Zimmers
  • Education Grants, Judy Hecker
  • Scholarships, Lynne Hessler

** Volunteers needed